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“Are you interested in partaking in a world record?"

Synchro Ireland is currently considering staging the world’s largest open water synchronised swimming routine in the River Blackwater in Fermoy, Co. Cork.

The routine to be performed will be posted on YouTube, and on the SynchroIreland website, for willing participants to learn in their own aqua environment. Then, later this summer, everyone from around the world who has learned the routine, will congregate in Fermoy where participants will first of all have to demonstrate knowledge of the routine and then a new world record will be attempted.

SynchroIreland aspires to having shoals of synchronised swimmers flooding the river bank, harping back to the days when mermaids used trawl the nectar-like banks of the River Blackwater.

The target for the world record is to have 300 Synchro Boys and Babes.

If you are interested please contact us